Silver And Gold


“Why Precious Metals Need to be Part of your Portfolio”

My educational journey with Gold & Silver started in November 2005 when I watched a video with Robert Kiyosaki and Mike Maloney called Gold vs. the Dollar. At the time, I knew very little about Gold and this initial video started me on a process where I have since then spent several thousand hours educating myself about monetary history, precious metals, the global economy & wealth cycles and I continue to be fascinated with this subject and one of the areas of my business that I am most passionate about is educating my clients and friends and family about why it is critical to hold at least a portion of your wealth in precious metals in order to protect your wealth and purchasing power over the coming years.

One of the first things I learned back in 2005 is that all Fiat Currencies eventually fail due to excess money printing. Take a $100 bill and go buy groceries today and ask yourself, how much groceries will the $100 bill purchase today? How much groceries would that $100 bill have purchased five years ago and how much will it purchase five years from now? The answer to that question is one reason why it is critical that you educate yourself in order to understand how holding physical precious metals can protect your wealth and purchasing power.

I have had many mentors over the years and one of them has certainly been Mike Maloney ( as I have always been very impressed with Mike’s honesty and transparency as well as his ongoing research and his passion to educate people.


Mike wrote the best-selling precious metals book of the century called “Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver” and you can get your free copy by downloading it. This book is an excellent overview of the history of precious metals, understanding the value of gold & silver in protecting your wealth and purchasing power and also covers how to avoid scams and much more.

Interview with ROBERT LEVY,


Owner of Border Gold, a premium bullion dealer in Canada. Rob shares his thoughts on the financial markets as well as why one may consider to diversify and hedge their wealth with physical precious metals.






Over the last decade, many Central Banks including China, Russia, India and Turkey have been accumulating huge tonnage of Gold & Silver. Other Central Banks and very wise investors including billionaires, sovereign wealth funds and family offices have been doing the same. Gold has been the best performing asset class (with the exception of cryptocurrencies) so far this century outperforming all major asset classes with an average annual ROI of approximately 10% Past performance however does not guarantee future returns, and please educate yourself before you consider taking a position in physical gold & silver. Reach out to me for guidance.