Ruth Lepine
Calgary, AB

“I have worked With James Longstreet for many years. I have found James consistent in all areas of our business relationship. He is reliable and honest which I appreciate. He makes sure that I know all the details  so I can make the correct decision as to my finances.

Thanks James for all your hard work and patience with my procrastinating with decisions.”

Larry Wright
Mission, BC

“James Longstreet of Fivefold Wealth Management has been my Financial Advisor for over four years. It has been a wonderful experience working with James as he is extremely knowledgeable and he has helped me and my family to put a plan in place that helps us to sleep very well at night knowing that our financial future is secure. In addition to being a great advisor, James has also become a great friend to our family and we are very grateful for this relationship.”

Lindsay & Beverly King
Calgary, AB

“James Longstreet of Fivefold Wealth Management has been our financial advisor since August 2014. He has always offered sound financial advice based on our investment objectives as well as our personal needs. He keeps in regular contact with us and provides us with ongoing financial advice as our needs and markets change. He takes the time needed to fully explain our options and to guide us in an appropriate direction. We are particularly impressed with his positive friendly attitude and attention to detail, accuracy when tracking and documenting transactions or just following up on general discussions.

We feel as though he truly cares about our family, our finances, and our future.

We would highly recommend James for any of your financial or investment needs.”

Keith & Judy Brackenbury
Chilliwack, BC

“James Longstreet has been our investment advisor for over 5 years and we have found him to be diligent, pains-taking and willing to go beyond the call of duty in order to give the best, up-to-date advice on investment options open to us. We have found James to be very honest, personable and caring, especially with clients who may be novices in the area of financial management. We highly recommend him.”

Connie Sturgess
Calgary, AB

“James has been an incredible asset in helping me understand the private investment market. He not only educated me but made certain that my investments were closely aligned with my goals. I would highly recommend James to anyone who wishes to find investment opportunities in the private investment market.”