Life Insurance

Learn why many Canadians have the wrong type of Life Insurance to meet their real needs. Ask me about a free review.

Term Insurance

For most Canadians TERM is the best option because it is very affordable until your early fifties and you can get the proper coverage you need to offset liability and protect your family or loved ones. 10 or 20 year terms available. Ask me for a quote for BC, Alberta and Ontario residence.

Whole Life Insurance

For those who want a permanent insurance till age 100 and at a fixed cost. You can minimum Fund these policies for the insurance coverage only (No Cash Value) or if you want some cash value the Insurance coverage does the investing for you and provide decent returns in most cases of 5% to 7% returns. You can have a small amount of Whole Life $25,000 to $150,000 and add a Term Rider which is a way to keep your costs down and get proper coverage.

Universal Life Insurance

Another form of permanent Insurance that covers you until 100 years old. This is for the person who wants to choose their own Investments from a Fund List provided by the Insurance Company (most people need guidance from their Financial Advisor). This too can be a minimum funded (Insurance only) and most companies provide the Term Rider Option of T10 or T20.

Whole Life and Universal Life can create tremendous opportunities for TAX Strategies for High Net Worth individuals and Business Owners. Ask me about your options.