About James Longstreet

JamesLongstreetI would like to introduce myself and share with you my business philosophy for those who might consider my services.

My wife and best friend Belinda have been together for over 6 years and we had our first child, our son Kayden in November of 2015. I am very active and energetic as I enjoy participating in a variety of sports including tennis, golf, hockey, as well as running. Belinda and I love to spend time in the mountains throughout the year as we enjoy skiing, snowboarding and hiking. I am an avid student of a broad range of topics, and Belinda and I are passionate about travelling the world and all of the new experiences that are a part of it.

I made the move from Ontario to Alberta in 2008 when I started to work in the financial industry. I have a strong passion for helping people develop a Solid Financial Plan (Five Pillar Wealth Management System) that covers all the core issues of conservative wealth management, tax and estate planning, asset protection, and introducing clients to the appropriate Experts in my Business and Client Network. I continue to help business owners, professionals and families achieve their wealth objectives through strategic planning and diverse solutions.


Fivefold Wealth Management (FWM) Vision

Our vision at FWM is to be a full service and one stop solution provider for most Canadians with their financial and insurance needs. Being Insurance brokers we can hand pick the best solutions from many of the top Canadian Insurance and Investment Companies. Helping people develop a Solid Financial Plan that covers all the core issues of Conservative Wealth Management (tax strategies, estate planning, asset and income protection, wealth growth and income options). We are committed to helping business owners, professionals, individuals and families with many of our unique wealth strategies. FWM`s commitment to you is that you will be respected and receive timely service. Integrity and trust are absolute keys in our client relationships. We are committed to ongoing education for our clients through monthly e-Letters, ongoing seminars (Lunch & Learns) that we provide throughout the year. One of FWM strengths is our strategic business relationships with Accountants, Legal Specialists, General Insurance Brokers, Mortgage Brokers, Bank Consultants and Real Estate and Exempt Market Product experts that we can draw upon to solidify your wealth plan. Our goal is to grow the company and continue to develop a strong team approach and provide excellent service.

James Longstreet is registered as a Dealing Representative in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario through Axcess Capital Advisors Inc. an Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) registered in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

James is also Life Insurance licensed in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario.